Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
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Hello!! We have a couple of days left for the end of the year and we are rushing to finish the last orders of the year! Well, I think in general was a great year, and even all the bad news I believe Ireland is a beautiful country, great people and you will find the most radioactive green grass in the world!! So I want to dedicate next year to Ireland, to its history and people and for all the nice rainbows after the rain.

Ireland Rocks!

Happy New Year!!

Mel and Paddy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 days to Christmas!!

Wow!! time flies when you are having fun!! It is again my favourite time of the year. I know it is all about marketing but still it is one of my favourite seasons. I particularly love going for a walk in City Centre and looking at the shop decorations and people rushing with loads of bags... happy children around and loads of delicious food! This year I fall in love with Starbucks gingerbread coffee and this flavour has been the inspiration for our seasonal gingerbread cupcake with creamy cream cheese frosting mmmm total indulgence!!

Well, I hope your Christmas and New Year is filled with excitement! And stayed tunned for another magical year with cupcakes, cookies and surprises!

Keep well!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If you still have pumpkin puree.....

Hello All :P

If you still have pumpkin puree and don't know what to do. Try this simple recipe!

Pumpkin jelly
- 1 can condensed milk
- 1 cup evaporated milk
- juice of 1 lemon
- 24 oz. pumpkin puree
- 2 bags of gelatin or 14 g. if you are Vegan try agar flakes.
- 1/2 cup of water.

Add the gelatine to the water and put it in the stove until it is well disolve. Put the pumpkin, milks, lemon in the blender and add the gelatine. Blend well and voila!!

Put in a nice pan and into the fridge!

mmm enjoy

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hello all!
I hope you are having a great Halloween night!

Well, we had lots of fun this week, a couple of classes and of course Halloween orders. We carved a nice Halloween and make a delicious pumpkin soup and cupcakes :D

Well I hope you keep having a spooky night!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!
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Yes, the time of the year is here again and we will have tricks and a lot of treats in the cupcakery!! We are helding two cupcake classes on the 26 and 28 of October and it will be fun!! I will be posting some photos in Facebook so if you are not a fan what are you waiting for? :)

Happy Hello-ween,

Mel boooo !

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Andy Warhol quote
Originally uploaded by cakespy

I absolutely love Cakespy creations! but this one catch my eye! So lovely. I love doing cupcakes!! :)



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Hello-ween not yet.......... but soon!

Ha ha I know we are still in September but I can't help it to think about Halloween. When I was a child it was one of my favourite times of the year (of course Christmas and my birthday are two of my favourite too!!). My mother used to dress my sister and I as witches and my brother one year was a scare crow... oh nice time! :P I missed them so much!!! Well, then again I am having a super idea with Hello Kitty cupcakes... they will be some Hell-ooooo cupcakes. Scary :D I am thinking some giveaways... :D stay tunned!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Vegan cupcakes new collection comin soon!

Yummy vegan cupcakes!
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We are working in a new collection and I am so excited! I can't reveal the flavours yet but believe we have meditate a lot! Of course we didn't smoke anything funny......... do we? oh no it is the sugar rush!

Have a great weekend!

It is friday!

Yahoo cupcakes!
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Another week is gone, wow this year is going pretty fast and I still have so many ideas and events that I want to do before the end of the year/! Next week is pretty exciting! We have a super order we will posto photos later. :)

Have a great week and take look at the cupcakes we made for Yahoo!

Be well,


Friday, August 20, 2010

This cupcake needs to wash his mouth!

Cupcake by Natalie Dee
Originally uploaded by Zen Cupcake

Ha ha ha I found this cute but rude cupcake and I couldn't stop laughing. This was uploaded by Zen Cupcake, she has loads of funny stuff! Check her photos!

Have a great Friday!


Monday, August 16, 2010


Paddy and I are cleaning the place and can believe the amount of papers we acumulate during the year!! 3 bags full of papers, magazines, etc... etc... I wonder all the trees that have to die so we can have a letter from the gas, electricity etc... lesson learned......... Ask the supplier ASAP for an online statements from now on. Ahh well, the only papers I love are my books, lately I am buying loads of books, my favourites are the one of bakeries in New York but also Peggy Porschen books are lovely and the photography is very well done. Talking about books, I just found a bakery in New York that is named Baby Cakes NYC, wow they make cupcakes with no sugar, no dairy, no eggs, no milk, no soya and that are actually good for you. I was very excited about the idea of making a line with similar characteristics, but most of the ingredients are only sold in America... ohh shut :s well still pretty with interesting ideas like the use of coconut oil instead of butter (tried the banana bread and was yummy) and this is the first time I use coconut oil for baking so it was good for a change!

Now I need a bookshelve urgently!! IKEA Sunday? :) yeah!

Well, below a photo of my growing collection!

Be Well,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Coming soon!!!

Wholesale order
Originally uploaded by she.likes.cute

Well, it is not surprise I am a big fan of She.likes.cute creations and since Paddy and I are currently looking for a new location to sell our baked goodies, we decided to also sell some low fat, zero calories yummy goodies....... so there will be no excuse (and we hear it a lot) "a minute in my mouth six months in my bum" or something like that :P ha ha ha so excited! Keep posted for our Market location....... coming soon!!

Great week!

Mel :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Enjoy life take out the paper case!

Somedays I just want to be hippie and free like this little cupcake!

Have a happy Friday!

Fresh Cupcake created by Wenceslao Almazan.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The never ending question..

Swirl or flat? Vote!! :)
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Well, it is difficult to know what works best. I think depending on the flavour of the cupcake looks better flat like for example the carrot cake... but the strawberr looks better flat........ don't know :) What do you think?



Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Super Sweet Kawaii cookies!
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Well, finally I made my first kawaii cookies :) hi hi hi it was so much fun, it is just you can add a happy face to almost anything and it will look cute :P Yeah! and then being super happy I start designing these little cuties. I also add a couple of ice-creams as it is warm here so now and then we all need a little refreshment. Let me know if you like it! I still have a lot of ideas on the paper and I hope the Kawaii cookie collection will be completed soon!

Kawaii day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Wow!! this is true!

Wii challenge!

Lately, Paddy and I have discovered that our clothes are not fitting as before... maybe too much cupcake tastings! So we have decided not to stop eating cupcakes (we couldn't) but to start a Wii Fit Challenge! 30 minutes, 30 days... I'll keep you posted in our progress... just I am eating the last cupcake before the challenge ha ha ha...... ups.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blueberry milkshake.... lavender?

I did a couple of blueberry cupcakes and i had a couple of blueberries left, so I thought how does a blueberry milkshake look like ... blue... and I am totally dissapointed it look Lavender indeed! and even the cupcakes look lavender... the blue outside is just a cover :P

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharon and Cillian Wedding

Last Saturday was definetely a good day for a White (or Navy and Ivory) Wedding, the sky was blue, the weather was nice (not to warm not to cold) and the venue was fab a Castle! Wow, when we arrived to set the cakes we were fascinated just with the place. It was really a fairy tale Wedding. The couple were fantastic and cheerful and their colours theme were Navy and Ivory and a couple of yellow flowers :) Also, we had a couple of our moist carrot cupcakes (so far my favourite of the season) mmmm moist and spicy mmmm Well, and when we picked up the stand on Sunday, we got the good news... no cupcake was left... so they were all slauther.... but they know their destiny and they are happy to fulfill it :)



Monday, July 12, 2010

Cupcakes take the cake mention us!!

Eye Candy!
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Yes, we were mentioned again in Cupcakes take the Cake blog! I don't know why but it feels so good when they talk about our little ones, we are very proud of them and it is such a happiness to see that or photos can be spread around the world! :) Check out their blog! It has been a true inspiration for us and we like a lot their news about other cupcakeries (a bit of gossip), photos, recipes, the cupcake world one word: Heaven!



Monday, July 5, 2010

This cupcake was re-born in 4th of July! :)

Happy 4th of July!!
Originally uploaded by Sweet cupcakes Co. Dublin Ireland

Yeah!! We have improved our red velvet recipe!! yeah! After a complain... well a good complain that our Red Velvet was very dry we decided to do more tests!! :D and yeah... wow it is so moist now :D the only thing I forgot was the Cocoa, ups!

By the way.. yesterday was 4th of July so it was a good time to take a photo!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She likes cute....... me like it!

Cupcake pin
Originally uploaded by she.likes.cute

Lately I've been obsesed with felt fabric toys and I discovered "She likes cute" in Flickr. Wow I have to say I'm in love with the designs and her cookies!! and of course the sweet faces.

Also, I discovered Kawaii that according to Wikipedia:
"Since the 1970s, cuteness, in Japanese kawaii (可愛い?) (literally, "loveable" or "adorable") has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms.[1]"

Yes... I am totally into Kawaii and I didn't know it... is like that feeling you have inside and can't explain it... I think I have been drinking too much coffee!

Anyway, visit Alenka's store and prepare to splash in the cutest items ever!!

Kawaii day,

Mel xx

Monday, June 28, 2010


It is officially I am fan of IKEA, the only problem I have is that I want to buy everything but the budget (and Paddy) don't allow me to go beyond my deepest buying desires!! We are trying to organize the kitchen (aka cupcake studio) and we have found loads of solutions and the problem is deciding... we spend 4 hours yesterday in IKEA!! Couldn't believe it... of course we went for the economical IKEA dinner (18 euro for two including dessert!) and then we even had a second dinner at the end (after 4 hours) 2 hot dogs for 4 euro each (we are pigs). And we bought a couple of stuff and spend 2 hours building a storage stacking solution yeah!!! We still have to go next weekend (hope less hours) and get the rest of the stuff.... It is so tiring to buy :P

Happy Baking

Mel xx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Employee of the month!

Yes we have a winner!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paper and String!

I have found the cutest cupcakes made with felt :) Paper and String is a UK company that do everything handmade. My favorite are the cupcake keyrings are to die for!! and Sarah the owner is a great gal! If you are thinking to send a nice handmade present I recommend you to visit her store and why not buy a present for you too!!

Love, Mel xx

She is my Cherry Cupcake!

Everything started the evening I went to the movies to watch Sex and the City. I bought a Ben and Jerry's ice-cream Cherry Garcia and I thought mmmm this will taste good as a cupcake! and I was right! and here we go!! Last weekend we went to a market and I got loads of cherries mmm I have to say this is my favourite flavour of the season!


Mel xx

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cupcakes Take the cake blogged about us!

Our cupcakes only crime.... being so tasty
Originally uploaded by Sweet cupcakes Co. Dublin Ireland

I forgot to blog about this...sorry guys lately I have been very busy but I will do my best to blog more often. We were blogged in the super Cupcakes Take the Cake blog about the little ones going to jail. How funny is that. How this idea came, well it was the week we were doing a test for the fair size (new size) and then I wanted to take a photo to show the people the sizes so it will be easier to choose... but something lead to the next and I was watching a crime tv show.. that honestly don't know the name and then Bingo! I say how funny would that look ha ha ha Yes they look funny but I couldn't find smaller stickers for the codes as the mini cupcakes can't not be seen ... well :D

Happy Baking.

Mel xxx

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last minutes at 29!

The big 3 zero is here! well in less than an hour I will be officially 30. I was afraid but it is weird this is the first time in my life that I feel happy an fulfill and this feeling gave me a kind of calmness and relief! Two years ago I was still worried I was not going to find my destiny in the world but today I can say I am happy with my good and bad choices in life! Vive la liberte!! Now I will go to sleep as at this age you can't afford late nights...


Mel xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Secret!!

Currently we are working to add new products to our range, but they won't be edible but absolutely gorgeous!!

Stay tuned for this new project we are currently baking!

So excited!!

lots of love xx

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rebecca Wedding

Red and White Wedding cupcakes
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So sorry I haven't blog lately I have been super busy! But I will try to make summary of the last months!! First another Wedding! Red and white where the theme so all the frosting was vanilla and the decorations in deep red! Lovely. We got a beautiful new stand that *Maypole and the cupcakes just look perfect!!

Happy baking!

Mel XX

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This St. Patrick's Day we go green!

Tomorrow is St.Patrick's day so we decided to paint our blog green all the month of March!! We have loads of photos to dowload of this week's orders :) If you are home, enjoy the holiday and go on..... go to the parade for a little bit of craic :P

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Waking up openining the window and the snow is back!!

Days here have been very cold but we haven't had snow since January and I was a little sad I couldn't take any photo with the cupcakes and the snow :( so today that I opened the window.... yes!! The snow was back and I had two cupcakes left of yesterday's order so I took them out for a ride :) hi hi hi

Nice photos but bad idea I didn't wear gloves, my hands froze!

Have a great day!


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