Monday, August 16, 2010


Paddy and I are cleaning the place and can believe the amount of papers we acumulate during the year!! 3 bags full of papers, magazines, etc... etc... I wonder all the trees that have to die so we can have a letter from the gas, electricity etc... lesson learned......... Ask the supplier ASAP for an online statements from now on. Ahh well, the only papers I love are my books, lately I am buying loads of books, my favourites are the one of bakeries in New York but also Peggy Porschen books are lovely and the photography is very well done. Talking about books, I just found a bakery in New York that is named Baby Cakes NYC, wow they make cupcakes with no sugar, no dairy, no eggs, no milk, no soya and that are actually good for you. I was very excited about the idea of making a line with similar characteristics, but most of the ingredients are only sold in America... ohh shut :s well still pretty with interesting ideas like the use of coconut oil instead of butter (tried the banana bread and was yummy) and this is the first time I use coconut oil for baking so it was good for a change!

Now I need a bookshelve urgently!! IKEA Sunday? :) yeah!

Well, below a photo of my growing collection!

Be Well,

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