Sunday, February 21, 2010

Waking up openining the window and the snow is back!!

Days here have been very cold but we haven't had snow since January and I was a little sad I couldn't take any photo with the cupcakes and the snow :( so today that I opened the window.... yes!! The snow was back and I had two cupcakes left of yesterday's order so I took them out for a ride :) hi hi hi

Nice photos but bad idea I didn't wear gloves, my hands froze!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York, New York!!

The dream of every Cupcaker or Cupcake fan (in my opinion) is to visit the City where it all started: New York. I have to say I loved it so much! I don’t know if it is because of the culture, the fashion, the movies but there is something in the air (not only pollution) that can’t be found anywhere in the world. Well, our main purpose of the trip was to have a little break but also we wanted to try some cupcakes in the big Apple.

Unfortunately, the person in charge (coughing effect… Pa… dd y cough cough) didn’t do the homework of researching the cupcakeries/bakeries locations so we really arrive to a couple by mistake (or good luck). Of course we found Magnolia Bakery and I almost cried when I went inside. It is just perfect! A very beautiful bakery with all well presented cupcakes and cakes and wow we were amazed……….the amount of people buying cupcakes (I haven’t seen that effect in Ireland yet). We tried a couple of flavours and I have to say I loved their chocolate cupcake. Frosting is a bit harder than ours and with more sugar, but we had to try it anyway!

We also discovered there were cupcakes everywhere, in Starbucks, in the stores, coffee shops, malls, etc… We did get one in Macey’s but didn’t think it was yummy. Also, the sizes of the cupcakes are huge in some places!

We found Crumbs and I have to say this was my favourite! I tried the Cookie Cupcake mmmm and I like that they had a pack of 12 minis with different flavours (We got one and had it in New Year’s Day). Here they also sell some big cupcakes and I noticed they add the calories to everything……… more that 500 calories……. enormous and made me think if it is worthy :P but I definitely will have a 500 calories Cookie Cupcake next time :D

We want to go again as there is one Cupcakery I really really want to try, Kumquat Cupcakery but this time I will love to go during Summer, as I think will be lovely to have a walk in the City.

Happy Baking,

Mel XX 


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