Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Glass Chef :)

Be My Valentine - Red Heart Cupcake Necklace
Originally uploaded by TheGlassChef

Flickr community is like a big family, you can meet people around the world and share your life through photos. I really enjoyed browsing around and I found The Glass Chef photostream. Peggy Festerling is the brain behind this fantastic art. She has beautiful jewelery designs including cupcakes! I highly recommend to visit her Etsy store... I promise you won't go without getting one of this in your hands!! And For Valentine's Day, what a better way than getting this beautiful cupcake... and why not ordering some of your favorite cupcakes from us too !! What a perfect crime! :)

Etsy Shop



Happy Baking!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas cookies!

I know it is too late to post a comment about our Christmas cookies but we were very busy on December and I have to post some photos! We start with our cookie range on November and I have to say I love doing cookies. It involves more work than a cupcake but it is worthy. It is like going back to school when I have to do drawings for homework........ missed that as I didn't had any homework like that in College. I remember I used to have a drawing teacher when I was in elementary school, he just to read us a story and then asked us to do a drawing with it. Doing cookies is pretty much the same, you have the cutters but only the outline it is up to you to fill in and add the colours. Sometimes doing cookies is challenging :D oh yes not as challenging as trying to loose 2 stones after Christmas indulgences but challenging enough. I have rediscovered my childhood and it is even amazing I can we working very late at night and still being excited to see the final result. I will do a tutorial very soon :) And now... stop the writing and see the photos below!!

My good friend Kasia came to visit us and we did some cookies together :) Had a great time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Couture Cupcakes!

I was looking for some cocktail cupcakes recipes for an experiment I am doing for one of our customers and I found one blog that I thought it was super funny :) Couture cupcakes, I was reading some of her posts and it is really nice, with a lot of recipes, but the part that I love the most is where she mentions her husbands :D ha ha ha love it!

Recommend it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe the year is over, it just went too fast. We are very grateful for this year and below are the highlights:

- We sold out on Valentine's day in Bloomfield Shopping Centre.
- We made cupcakes for a lot of weddings.
- We donate cupcakes for the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Tatler Women of the YearAwards.
- I met Peggy Porschen and took some courses with her cake studio in London.
- We introduced our yummy cookies.
- We are one year doing cupcakes and that is what made last year perfect!

Thanks to all our customers and cupcakes fans to make this happen.

We wish you health, happiness and wealth in 2010. Stay tuned for this year we have new flavours, free goodies, and tutorials.

Happy Baking!


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