Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharon and Cillian Wedding

Last Saturday was definetely a good day for a White (or Navy and Ivory) Wedding, the sky was blue, the weather was nice (not to warm not to cold) and the venue was fab a Castle! Wow, when we arrived to set the cakes we were fascinated just with the place. It was really a fairy tale Wedding. The couple were fantastic and cheerful and their colours theme were Navy and Ivory and a couple of yellow flowers :) Also, we had a couple of our moist carrot cupcakes (so far my favourite of the season) mmmm moist and spicy mmmm Well, and when we picked up the stand on Sunday, we got the good news... no cupcake was left... so they were all slauther.... but they know their destiny and they are happy to fulfill it :)



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