Monday, June 21, 2010

Cupcakes Take the cake blogged about us!

Our cupcakes only crime.... being so tasty
Originally uploaded by Sweet cupcakes Co. Dublin Ireland

I forgot to blog about this...sorry guys lately I have been very busy but I will do my best to blog more often. We were blogged in the super Cupcakes Take the Cake blog about the little ones going to jail. How funny is that. How this idea came, well it was the week we were doing a test for the fair size (new size) and then I wanted to take a photo to show the people the sizes so it will be easier to choose... but something lead to the next and I was watching a crime tv show.. that honestly don't know the name and then Bingo! I say how funny would that look ha ha ha Yes they look funny but I couldn't find smaller stickers for the codes as the mini cupcakes can't not be seen ... well :D

Happy Baking.

Mel xxx

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