Thursday, January 29, 2009

A cupcake was born!

Hello and welcome to our blog!

My name is Melissa and together with my husband Patrick have started a small cupcake business in Dublin, Ireland.
My passion for baking started since I was a little child, I remember that my mom baked great cookies for my teachers on Christmas and I used to help her cutting and eating as well. During High School I took several cooking workshops and my passion for cakes and desserts was developed to perfection.
Nowadays, I take inspiration from Rachel Allen and Nigella Lawson and of course from books, and blogs all around the world. I hope I can inspired someone too one day!
The Sweet Cupcake was officially launched on December 6th 2008 in Blackrock Market. New locations will be posted.

Our first cupcakes! Chocolate was the most popular flavour!
A happy man! Patrick with our little ones in Blackrock :) Their first day out.
The Very Vanilla was the second most favourite of the day.

Cupcakes ready for the market. I made Lime and Cocunut and minis!

Oh Deliciuos chocolate! My favourite flavour :)


  1. Hi, I just visited your website
    and it looks good. If I ask for a special occasion design eg valentines would there be a design I can pick from ?

  2. Hi Dessie,

    Thanks for visiting our website. Yes, we have designs for special occassions but we can also work with you if you have something in mind. For weddings we have flowers that can match with your bouquet, chocolate hearts, ribbons, sprinkles, etc... the sky is the limit! This and next month we have Valentine's cupcakes. You can pop in Blackrock market on Sundays and on February 12,13 and 14 in Bloomfield shopping centre.
    I will post some pictures in the blog. Cheers!
    For more info, please send us a mail :)



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