Friday, December 2, 2011

Third Anniversary!!

Who would thought that everything started with a little toy oven I got one Christmas when I was a child. I think that is why I love this time of the year so much. This little toy oven was able to do real cakes!

A couple of years later, meanwhile I was studying High School, I took a culinary workshop with a lovely lady, her name was Meli... she showed me the art of baking (muahhaaaaa) and my passion and weight grew!! Then I had to decide what to study in College and one side of my brain (the smart one) said Engineering and the heart said Chef :) but did I listen... of course not I did and Engineer degree.

When I finished College and couldn't find a work my lovely sister gave me a Sugar craft book.... it was also a Christmas gift with the words " Follow your dreams". At that time with a College Credit to pay and not a lot of joy I ignored my passion for second time!!

But in a cold night of October 2008, one day after a long day at work, I came to my apartment, turn on the tv and there she was, Rachel Allen in London visiting Buttercup Cake Shop and Primrose Bakery, my first reaction was... I want one (ha ha) so I went online looking for a shop in Dublin and I couldn't find anything like I just saw, and then the Eureka moment came! I couldn't ignore my call for a third time (LOL). Got a couple of baking equipment and as they say the rest is history!

Fast forward to the present, and a lot of hard work, I am glad to say that I am totally happy! Yes, they are bad days in which I have to clean a natural catastrophe in the Kitchen, and days that I only sleep 3 hours but the mails of our customers saying that they really enjoyed them, and that made their party/event a happy one keeps me going.

3 years now, lots of people to Thank!

Our lovely customers and friends!! For believing, trying our cupcakes and recommending them!

My sister Janet: For always believing in me since day zero! I couldn't do this without you! I love you and my little nieces Sophie and Vale with all my heart! They are also good cookie makers!

Paddy: Well what can I say, my partner in crime. He has pushed me to the limit, I must call Human Rights, but I do understand my will power is zero and without his support we wouldn't be here. He always believed in me, even in the days I was sooo negative. Thank you my love!

My Brother David: For being our official sponsor! He changed our way of working forever! Love you!

My daddy and mommy: Well what can I say I absolutely adore my parents, and they have been there for me in those long working days where nothing turns out right!

Paddy's parents mama and papa: They have always been there for us, providing us with a nice warm meal when we are totally knackered. Without your support we wouldn't be here! We loved you!

My friend Ther: You show me everything is possible! I totally admire you and I am so grateful to have you in my life!

Oh yes and Peggy Porschen! I have to say I have few heroes in my life and you are top in the list! I totally admire your style and creativity, you really inspire me!

And finally................ our little ones! Kitchen Aids!! We loveeeeee you!!

Happy Anniversary to The Sweet Cupcake and may more! Hurrahhhhhhhhh!

Follow your dreams!

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