Wednesday, March 23, 2011

City Deal!

Paddy and I had the brilliant idea to do a City Deal last week. We have been thinking it for weeks and we thought, well if at least 50 or 100 buy the deal that will make us happy. What was our surprise we already had 800 sales before 11 am and counting.... the final number will not be disclosed but we are overwhelmed by the response! So far the production is going well, and we have been sleeping a few hours... but our mission is to complete this task and make happy people! Some people couldn't wait and they cancel it (2 so far) :( but who will blame them, if I see the photos of our cupcakes I will want to munch them inmediately!!

Cheerioooooooooo from the Sweet Cupcake Studio.

A little picture to remember this (in the future and maybe laugh for the challenge):


1 comment:

  1. Woohoooooo, I bought a voucher and can't wait till I get to use it!

    I'm really interested in taking classes. Do you do any and is there a mailing list that I could be on for when they start? :-)




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