Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Size!

New mega size!
Originally uploaded by Sweet cupcakes Co. Dublin Ireland

Hello all :)

Since a long time ago I was thinking to introduce a new size ideal to replace the cutting cake in the top, and this week we had an order for a Hen Party and they asked for a big cupcake. I honestly don't like the mega cupcake that some places sell, it looks very heavy and in the top of the stand might cause an accident. So I give it a try and I got new trays for very big muffins, the result a success!! Not only it looks beautiful, but it has more room to write a name or add a couple of flowers, more or less it is a Mega Cupcake but a Mini cake... Is this clear? ha ha ha Sorry, in the last days I haven't slept (Finishing at 3 a.m in two days on a road doing orders). A couple of weeks ago when I was reading Flickr that some girls where rushing finishing orders and couldn't take photos of their cupcakes, I couldn't understand, but believe me they are totally right, who wants to take a photo at 3 a.m in the morning? ha ha ha

Have a great week!

And Happy Father's day!


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